Design for Manufacture

Product Design Development

Industrial Design Consulting


Agile Production Methods

Achieve proof of concept with 3D CAD models, and hands-on scale to actual size working prototypes. 3D printing and CNC capable in a variety of materials. Demo models and test pieces can help get consumer feedback, test for usability, and provide insight for sales.

Streamlining Design Process

Find the most effective means of manufacture, develop new processes to increase process efficiency, to save you time and money.

Materials Expertise

Help with matching the right materials to manufacturing process, design for manufacture, assembly, and more.


Tam Black is a multidisciplinary design consultant, an avid member of the maker scene, and a lifetime learner.

She combines her hands on experience with manual manufacturing methods, her passion for industrial production processes, and her education in design thinking to bring a cumulative perspective on the art of prototyping and design for manufacture. She teaches building and crafting techniques on-site at Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville, Massachusetts, and online classes for LinkedIn Learning.

Tam’s specialties include design for manufacture, design for assembly, prototyping, and production scale-up. You can find her on Instagram

Additional Services


Add immersive insight into the competitive market, pertinent standards, history of developments and related science, as well as medical research to guide the human factors of the product.

Product Development

Get a fresh set of eyes to help define, develop, and de-bug your ideas into concrete manufacturable products. Find actionable improvement solutions for design and production in a short-term, targeted consult.

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